No. 16 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

The time, in your way of reckoning, is coming into a critical numbers of days. We prefer to see it as sequential events. But, since the knowledge of what these events might be is not available to you, time will have to be your way of being aware. We shall try to coordinate time/event correlation with regard to those events that are important for you to be aware of. At the moment, the contact between the parenting groups is the focus of the moment. As things progress, we shall give you such information as is appropriate. The methods of contact between the members must be in such a way that no clear pattern is apparent and the language used must be very vague. As we have mentioned before, certain words must not be used and certainly none consistency. Many of these people have their own pet names for those we often discuss. It would be well to avoid using these, but merely to allude to them or better yet not refer to them at all. This will help to prevent triggering the watch dog systems that monitor you on a regular basis. All systems of contact are monitored. You would do well to get accustomed to that understanding. The more recent that a method has come into use, the more easily it is monitored. Unfortunately wire and tomato soup cans just can’t fill the bill, so it is with thought and caution that you must use your communication devices. The dilemma of face to face meetings is that if you meet in a public place you will be noticed and if you begin to meet in a clandestine way, you will be noticed. This begins to sound like one of your spy movies, but things are as they are. At this point of course, there is no problem, but as there begins to be meetings among those of you who are apt members of this project, two and two will to make sense to them. The “ball” must be passed onward and outward with little return contact regarding the project in a repetitious fashion. No one person or group of persons is to shepherd the project.

All future meetings for business or personal reasons must purposefully exclude any reference whatever to this project. Phone calls, etc., must not be for the purpose of comparing notes. At a certain time the appropriate group shall come together for one meeting in which the ideas for this future experience of mankind shall be blended together. A simple statement of purpose will arrive at identifying the new genre of experience as the focus of this project. This is the time that the choices of to whom the baton is passed must be carefully contemplated by each person and small group. Then each is to make their contact and the purpose explained in a face to face situation where it will be most difficult to be intercepted. Choosing within spur of the moment decisions of appropriate places is best. Your private offices are probably the worst. As I have pointed out before, you are considered entities with special talents and so are of special interest to them. Do not underestimate your stature in their eyes. We know of no other way to remind you of these parameters without setting the stage like a cloak and dagger movie, yet as this is but indeed as a play upon one small stage of Creation, perhaps that is not at all inappropriate. So-play your parts. well. Just remember that your timing might not be as perfect as it Bruce Willis’ in the movies.

This will come as perhaps a little late since the first of the meetings will have already happened, but that which is focused into this message has already been made known to each of the contacts through other levels of knowing within unconscious awareness. It shall be known to set this parameter. Other levels of your awareness are being instructed in this process as well as in this way.

We are pushing you, but once the process has begun, it shall move more quickly than you imagine for the pressure builds. The understanding of the hell that is planned for each and every human spirit shall cause the focus on a new paradigm to appeal to each contact at a spiritual level to a profound degree. A desire to participate and to help with the solution to the planetary dilemma will be like letting go of a long held breath within the spirit of each. An overwhelming gratefulness shall bring forth the action necessary, for it said, “God loves a grateful heart.” This is true and much can be accomplished through this emotion. It causes an uplifting of the spirit. Certainly those of you who have been in service through the spreading of the Truth of your fellow human beings can use an uplifting. As the acceptance of the future planned for this planet has come into understanding, the failure of the people to grasp this and their refusal to believe its existence, has caused you to face many a discouraging hour. But, you have each continued on with your spreading of the Truth. Isn’t this a glorious change of focus?

The understanding that at long last there is a way, a plan to take shape and forces of Creation are indeed here to give help. This shall be a pivotal point within each consciousness that will bring a change of attitude and will begin to draw in multitudes of awakening people. It is not that the message of the Truth of what is present and surrounding them will be different at this stage, but there will be a certain underlying attitude that will be the first trip of a trigger to each listening awareness. It will begin to be discussed and the message passes from one to another in a gathering momentum. No longer will it be limited to only those who listen to the talk shows and lectures. Those who have read and informed themselves shall be asked to inform and explain. Faithful tellers of the awful tale, you are the avatars of this time! But in the new paradigm victim/martyrdom has no place. It is not in the plan to allow that pattern to continue. This information is for your consideration. May your experience be filled with synchronicities and loving encounters.


Benevolent Beings

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