No. 19 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

Around the world there is a greater and greater feeling of unrest. The intuitive aspects of each being being to awaken for the energy atmosphere of the planet is resonating with the focus of attention placed upon this single planet by the entire galaxy. Your fellow awake and aware co-inhabitants are certainly noticing what is going on here. This is different from the suffocating direct manipulative energies that are being diffused upon your conscious awareness. The galactic attention is coming through energies too subtle to be picked up by the mechanistic methods in use by those of focused dark intent. The opposition must attain its ends by employing methods of suppression of the natural expansive movement of thought within manifested form. What is flowing into your mass consciousness from the galaxy that surrounds you is of a natural expansive quality. It is received within the awareness and then follows its expansive nature and arrives exponentially outward into concuss awareness as dreams and sleep patterns that are not restful. The governing factor with regard to the receiving of this galactic message is the degree to which the inner awareness of each individual has been suppressed. How slow is the vibratory rate of the being? Can it still receive the stimulation of the higher and more rapid vibration of this galactic thought form? This is not a message of condolence that is being sent by sympathetic individuals. That is a trick of the lower dark energies, another of their suppression techniques. Rather, this is a focus of stimulation so that the receptors of Light which hold each in focus may be returned to greater use.

So you begin to see that there are two foci of energy in motion one of suppression and one of stimulation. We prefer not to use terminology of war here, but it can be noted that the “battle” for this planet is already underway. Not as depicted with carnage everywhere being created by both sides, but in the claiming and the returning of Soul Energies. The one side is planning for many, the other for all. Remember if one tiny unit of energy is truly destroyed then the totality of all is lost. The Source of All That Is is expansion in nature. The energy can change form through what appears to be the rise and fall, the birth and death of form, but the energy that is at the very basis of this phenomenon is always present.

A polarity always exists within the format of this ever-present energy, however it does not have t o be present in the format of another subject. What you must understand is that what appears to be the opposite polarity in the experience of planet Earth is an aberration, a distorted use of this polarity in energy. It is the exception, not the norm.

The more clearly that you understand what is available to you within the context of this situation, the more easily you will be able to maintain the focus on your purpose within energies that are in motion around and through you. It is easier to succumb to the energies of suppression in some moments of your time than to maintain your focus upon stimulating energies that are acting within you. The “battle” is not upon the surface of the planet as you have been told, but it is within the individual awareness and it is by definition also within the planetary awareness. It is either understood or misunderstood, that within the planetary awareness, the minds of humanity in combination is the conscious awareness of the planet itself. Therefore the transformation of the planet, earned by her through her repeated motherhood of evolving civilizations, hinges upon the transformation of her current resident civilization. You can begin to understand that the unity of this evolvement process brings forth the potential for misuse. The inner coagulation of energetic purpose is organized for the process of transcendence. The polar opposite conceived one world suppression rather than planetary expansive transformation into higher dimensional (vibratory) experience. With the presence of so much heavy energy though exchange between the planetary inhabitants, mind to mind exchange of conceptual understanding, has reached very low ebb. This has resulted in a proliferation of mechanized communication, each representing the abilities once in common use by you without a manifested device to make it possible. With the rapid advance of these technologies (devices) through the focus on heavy slow vibratory manifestation, what appears to be marvelous advancement is indeed quite the opposite. It represents a loss of ability to focus the formative, expansive use of the power of thought inherent within all Creation. Slight of mind is at work again diverting your attention from the potentiality of creating outward from within though the use of the outer mind activity of analysis and manipulation of your manifested reality. The natural flow would be toward the exploration of the inner awareness and manifesting outward into your realities the greater experiences to be found there. Where do you think the greater people serving ideas come? Instead these are being twisted into people suppressing uses right before your eyes while you fail to observe what is at work. All the while you are watching the showing staged, diverting your attention.

So, now the fun begins in earnest. You are making your final attempts to reach the inner awareness of as many as possible through the last available use of their technologies, but you are also beginning to join forces with the inner energy stimulation. You to are receiving this stimulation. Indeed you are like the repeater stations that your radio stations use. You are serving multiple purposes and you are perfectly aware of doing this within the inner awareness portions of your totality of experience. Trust the process and hold the pole, so to speak. All is far from lost. Welcome to the winning side! Focus and manifest!


Benevolent Beings

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