No. 26 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

It is now appropriate through the shift of greater understanding within the key group of visionaries to begin the focus of the conception of the new paradigm of experience. As is the pattern, many will receive this cosmic stimulation, and the perfect few will respond when the opportunity to participate is presented. Keep in mind that this continuing process will move through phases of birthing within the awareness individually and collectively in a subtle calm transcending movement. Do not expect a massive jumping on the bandwagon type of reaction. It will move outward in a whisper of awareness. Again, think in terms of the patterns of nature. When you observe nature you see spirals in the slow process of growth as in the spiral of shell formation and within the functioning of breathing. Though, invisible to form, it is the process that begins at birth and carries each mammalian form through its sequential life. Consider the birthing process through the format of breathing, expansion and contraction causing movement toward the goal within a transcending spiral and carrying it to completion. You will see a traveling outward of conceptual information, and in breath of consideration, again a traveling outward and an in breath of shared discussion, moving toward the desired focus of new experience will bring forth the process which is being built upon the foundation of foci provided by multiple levels of awareness with supporting intent for this situation to move into a new paradigm.

This is the appropriate moment to consider a self-defeating concept that needs to be corrected to insure success. Through long planted misinformation by the religions on your planet, you think of the focused assistance as coming to you from the outside. You look outward at the surrounding lights in your sky at night and presume it is coming from “out there.” Indeed, it is possible to exchange energies at the level of manifestation, however the flow of Creation is from the inside out. It is an expansive process. Again we must remind you of the in and out flow of the breathing process. What your scientists observe as burn out and destruction through black holes, etc., is instead evidence of the breathing process incorporating the spiral changes of shift into higher vibratory dimensions. As this happens, appropriate energy fields move through this process. If it was all energy, then what is observed would long have been “devoured” by one single black hole. (Here again you can begin to understand the magnitude of the plans of the negative focus in attempting to create through the process of pushing this Galaxy through a process opposite the creative flow into an opposing reality.) What is perceived by the scientists as the compaction of energy into a tiny ball of massive molecular weight, is of course total nonsense. The energy is expanding within the conversation process by increasing its vibrational levels as it moves into a new paradigm of expression. Is this Galaxy, or a small portion of it going through the black hole process? There is no awareness of it. What if it was true? If it were to happen, it would hardly be a hellacious experience.

Let us return to the point. To say that our plan is in motion does not mean that conscious contact with seemingly appropriate beings of shared purpose and dedication is near completion. It is this process of conception that is the focus of these lessons. That which is to be accomplished at more subtle levels depends upon this process proceeding within defined parameters. The outflow of this information to those of commitment is encouraged. It is most meaningful in the whole of it, but each can stand alone as is appropriate. Key words to trip the intercept triggers have been for the most part avoided and the references to beings and processes of “interest” are made as subtly as possible. It is time that the usage of those be virtually eliminated as our focus of intent is one information that educates and informs you of the true nature of yourselves and the energetic forms and functions of the Creation of which you are an integral part.

Let us make a point clear. This focus of information is not “God” speaking directly to you. That which you call by that name is a confused and misunderstood scramble of misinformation. What has happened is that what could be personified into the Creator of this Galaxy is no the whole of All That Is. To make this understandable, perhaps, let us return again to the breathing process as an example. The underlying All That Is is pure potentiality and even finer levels beyond that which are imperceptible because to perceive it is to limit it. At its conceptual level, breathing is an expansion as you breath out, rest, in breath, rest and repetition. Potentiality is most available for “absorption” (big generalization) in the moments of rest. Throughout the entirety of the expression of Potentiality into experience are varying degrees of awareness that have begun their return trips by first realizing they are holographic tiny fragments of the focus of their Creator. This creative focus is in turn a tiny fragment of a finer more encompassing focus of the Potentiality that underlies a greater Creation that has at some point been birthed from that which lies beyond in an unknowable state. Will we return to that a state of unknowingness? Is that our goal at the farthermost reaches of eternity? Doubt it, for it appears that in order to move through the return trip, just exactly the opposite is necessary in order to progress. You must remember one of your greatest distortions in understanding Creation at. This level is your concept of needing to measure experience ass linear, in what you call time. It is also a great barrier for those of us who are too interested in experience to bother to measure it. We can conceive of no reason to do so, for we know Divine Order has no sequential parameters.

As we return to our discussion of your concept of “God” you can now see why we have substituted the term “Creation” and “Creator” instead of using “God” in the hope that we could begin to change your perception. The word “God” itself conures up feelings that cause inner turmoil in many, since at a deeper level they know that the religious teachings through a long sequence of experience has brought them only confusion. It has given them a distorted representation of the Source of their origin. It is important that those who intend to bring forth the new paradigm have at least basic clarity of the nature of their identity and of the Source of their existence. What lies beyond this Galaxy is, at this moment, outside the necessity to understand. To know that it IS, is all that is necessary. Our focus lies within the Creation of our Creator. He (androgynous but in the masculine creative mode) can be called “God,” but frankly a new name is recommended. You may address communication to Him, but it is only received when it harmonizes with the creative outflow of His expression. “In His Name” as an expression in your bible was mean to tell you to place your focus of prayer within that purposeful intuition. You are to make a request that intends creation, within the harmony of His attitude of “all that is necessary to bring what you desire” is available for your use. You are a fragment of Him and through you, He (the “I am” awareness of your connection) is experiencing expansion of the total awareness that is “You/He.” As you do this, it is a shared experience. As a fragment of Him, you create by attraction all your experiences. But, using the Law of Intention in harmonious cooperation within His expansive mode is how you create purposeful or new paradigms of experience.

It is hoped this information is a blessing through the expansion of your understanding of who and what you are! Yours is a glorious heritage, celebrate it!


Benevolent Beings

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