CIA COINTELPRO Barbara Hartwell Exposed

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There is a developing phenomena on the internet today. Many people (Christians included), delighted to find search engines such as GOOGLE, are now spending hours on the internet performing research. A whole new world has opened up to them for research, news and information.

However, what many naive Christians do nor seem to understand is, the government is also using the is also using the internet as an effective tool of COINTELPRO, or deliberate government MISINFORMATION designed to lead the American people to the false conclusions based on lies and deception. This misinformation is designed to lead people into thinking JUST LIKE BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT WANTS THEM TO THINK.

Such MISINFORMATION OPERATIONS to deceive the American people are often called COINTELPRO.

People are paid by agencies such as the FBI and CIA to write MSINFORMATION/COINTELPRO for various corrupt government purposes. Government agents are also paid to infiltrate various organizations, churches and ministries included, to both SPY and to collect information, and to push hidden agendas, to also cause disruption and division, to perform acts of AGENT PROVOCATEURS and more. NO Christian church or ministry is sacrosanct or exempt, as former members of the CIA informed me.THEY are ALL infiltrated to a greater or lesser degree, including positions of even leadership and pastors, etc.

Millions of dollars are spent every year in the nefarious world of COINTELPRO and presenting MISINFORMATION to the America people to deceive them on many levels. Much of this misinformation is being broadcast regularly through tools of government mind control over the American people such as government/CIA censored CNN and other "news" broadcasting networks. Through the tools of NEWS MEDIA BIAS AND BLACKOUT, a very biased version of world events is presented to the America people, repeatedly conditioning them to think just as the government WANTS them to think about many issues.

Part of COINTELPRO actions involve paid government agents who write LIBELOUS AND SLANDEROUS ATTACKS against various individuals involved in INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AND REPORTING, targeted by the government/military because of the truth they are uncovering and exposing regarding government corruption, etc.

This is done with the intent of discrediting legitimate valid researchers and journalists in the minds of their readers, so as to attempt to both halt their funding through donors and to stop people from reading and believing their research as well.

Many well meaning people, including Christians, upon discovering the world of search engines like GOOGLE, are delighted to find a wealth of information seemingly at their fingertips. They do not realize, however, that the government ALSO is delighted, because search engines and internet website provide them with ONE MORE TOOL OF COINTELPRO (literally brainwashing in effect) for the unwary and naive.

An alarming trend that I have seen among so many Americans today, including MANY Christians, is the conditioning to accept EVERYTHING AS TRUTH that they both HEAR on radio and that they SEE on both television news, various publications and the internet.

They FAIL to perform quality BACKGROUND RESEARCH and investigate to see if what they are seeing and hearing is genuine and truthful. And as a tragic result, THEY ARE DECEIVED. And the tools of deception are THE NEWS MEDIA and related information publications.

The government knows this weakness and exploits this weakness in the America people for their own dark purposes continually. How successful are they? To the degree that each and every American is able and willing to be deceived, and fails to perform quality background research, is the degree to which they are successful.

YOUR actions OR INACTION decide how successful government COINTELPRO will be.


When I began working in the realm of investigative journalism 13 years ago, I knew that it was inevitable the government cointelpro would come out against me. To think otherwise would be unrealistic. Coming from the Washington DC area, I had a very good idea of just how corrupt the US government could be.

In my thirteen years of performing this work on behalf of the American people, to TELL AMERICA THE TRUTH and especially to wake up the American Christians who are endangered in this hour, I have experienced several attacks by government COINTELPRO.

In my earlier years of research and reporting, I was infiltrated by DOUG MILLAR, a man I learned later was being used by the government to infiltrate people concerned about and exposing the NWO agenda. As soon as I found out, I severed all ties immediately.

Another infiltrator was JIM VASSILOS. All ties with him have been severed as well.

More recently, both the CIA and the FBI have used several people to attempt COINTELPRO against me through writing libelous articles regarding me. One writer is Barbara Hartwell from the CIA. The other is Stew Webb with the FBI. A very sick couple frm MN, Fred and Katy Sasse, have been working with Hartwell and Webb to lie against me and discredit my reporting.

I have met with and performed extensive research on all of the above, and here are my findings.

Barbara Hartwell works for the CIA actively. Her bodyguard in the past has been CIA assassin JEFF SWEDENBURG, well protected by the CIA and very dangerous. Hartwell has been performing COINTELPRO against the Christian/Patriot (NWO RESISTER) community for a long time now. Many excellent articles on the internet from valid researchers have exposed this dark woman.

Hartwell comes from CIA MIND CONTROL VICTIMS family, with both her sister IRENE ADRIAN (of Winston-Salem NC) and herself exposed to horrific CIA mind control programming, satanic rituals and more.

While there are VALID examples of people coming out of such CIA mind control background, such as Cathy O'Brien (Tranceformation of America) and Sue Ford/ Brice Taylor (Thanks for The Memories) and others, there are also now COINTELPRO pretenders, whose purpose is to deceive and then infiltrate valid organizations and movements whose purpose is to EXPOSE the NWO and tell Americans the truth.

Barbara Hartwell has repeatedly proven to be bogus, a true CIA infiltrator into this world of former victims turned exposers.

In the past I have known her personally. I spent much time witnessing to her about Jesus Christ, and interviewing her sister who IS a bona fide CHRISTIAN and delivered from her background. Her sister Irene admitted to me,

"My sister refuses to come to Jesus Christ and is not a Christian. We also were exposed to satanic rituals and abuse...Barbara has let me down again and again........"

When I was visiting the home of my previous webmaster, Ron Garon of TULSA, OK, he was attempting to do the website of Barbara Hartwell. She told him on the phone:

"...I am NOT a Christian and will NEVER BE A CHRISTIAN!"


YET...her own Christian sister, involved in ministries in the past, SAYS THAT HARTWELL WAS INVOLVED IN CIA SATANIC RITUALS.

AND Hartwell openly contends in her writings and blog that SHE IS A CHRISTIAN and has NEVER been exposed to satanic ritual abuse!

At one time when I was attempting to minister to her, before she starting writing CIA COINTELPRO Libel against me for the government, she even admitted at that time that her bodyguard was JEFF SWEDENBURG. Her sister told me, in fact, how she had given thousands of dollars to SWEDENBURG to protect her on one trip.

Jeff Swedenburg has openly bragged to one person in the Christian Patriot community that I am in contact with, even as he was infiltrating them in Denver, Colorado, that "...I do WHACK [assassination] jobs for the CIA..." and he was proud of it!

A former CIA of over 30 years in the Denver area admitted further that "...Swedenburg is well protected by the CIA..." I have spoken to this person in Denver personally on several occasions, in fact.

Barbara Hartwell constantly presents herself to the public as someone who has "come out of the CIA" to join the Christian/Patriot/NWO resister movement in America, and uses this to constantly attempt to infiltrate related groups and organizations.

YET the cold hard facts are in total contradiction of Hartwell's lies!

Her own Christian sister has exposed her as a liar. The reality of Barbara being involved in CIA satanism and rituals was admitted by Irene Adrian, her Christian sister. The reality of Barbara NOT being a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN was confirmed by her own sister and her former webmaster.


But in fact she is NOT a Christian "...AND NEVER WILL BE A CHRISTIAN" and WAS involved in satanic rituals in the CIA!

And IF she has come out of the CIA, then WHY OH WHY was her own personal bodyguard CIA ASSASSIN JEFF SWEDENBURG?

And because I know the truth about Hartwell, she has been writing CIA cointelpro libel against me now for many years.

AGAIN, NONE OF THIS COMES AS ANY GREAT SURPRISE TO ME. To coin a secular term, "IT COMES WITH THE TURF:" I expose government corruption and warn my fellowAmericans/Christians of what is to come, and they attack me to attempt to discredit me.

In fact, most people and researchers by now do not take Barbara Hartwell seriously anymore. Many articles have appeared on the internet by quality writers and researchers investigating and exposing her as a fraud.

However, after receiving several inquiries from my readers who stumbled upon her CIA COINTELPRO libel against me, I have decided to write this long-overdue report exposing this person for the infiltrator/COINTELPRO operator that she has sadly been proven to to be.

More tragically, HARTWELL is a LOST SINNER, she refuses to come to Jesus Christ for salvation and deliverance from CIA satanism and from her dark role she now plays in CIA COINTELPRO, she is being PAID TO LIE, and the WORD OF GOD DECLARES: "AND ALL LIARS SHALL HAVE THEIR PART IN THE LAKE OF FIRE..."

Because she is lost, I have been praying for her salvation for a long time now. I have chosen to forgive her repeatedly when her articles appear, attempting to discredit and slander me. But in fact IF she continues in this path of deliberate misinformation and lies, along with other COINTELPRO OPERATORS like STEW WEBB (FBI) and accomplices Fred and Katy Sasse and several others, both SHE and THEY WILL PERISH according to the infallible WORD OF GOD.

In my future reports, I will be exposing STEW WEBB/FBI COINTELPRO OPERATOR and infiltrator in Christian/Patriot communities, and several people working with both Hartwell and Webb (The SASSE's from MN and CLEO from MONTANA) who are not necessary assets of the intelligence community but are working with them in the same agenda.

MANY OF YOU have been my radio listeners/report readers for many years now. You know my credibility and hard labor for the Lord Jesus Christ and my character as a born again Christian for 35 years now, involved in numerous ministries and MUCH sacrifice and suffering for the Gospel and to perform this kind of difficult and dangerous journalism for the Christians in America.

Many people, after hearing me on radio, etc., want MORE of my reports. And so they attempt to find them by "GOOGLING" my name up. But what they do not realize is, they will ALSO encounter libelous CIA/FBI COINTELPRO MISINFORMATION published falsely against me, in the government hopes of discrediting my reporting.



Upon receiving inquiries from Christian sources who read HARTWELL'S and related GOVERNMENT COINTELPRO written against me to deliberately slander and attack my writing and my character, following much prayer, I have decided I will no longer tolerate this kind of attack on my Christian labor and character unchallenged.

For years I have said nothing in rebuttal, trusting God for vindication.

I continue to trust Him for vindication. BUT BECAUSE of the level of frankly immature Christianity in America I find today, with most Christians no longer following Biblical principles of COMING TO ME FIRST with this kind of slander/accusations, to first INQUIRE as to whether it is true or not before repeating it or republishing it, I am forced to publish rebuttals at this point.

SO many Christians FAIL to do their background research to discover the TRUTH. And for SOME, it has become THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GOOGLE, wherein EVERYTHING found on their search engines and the internet is somehow TRUTH! DEAD Wrong.


The Bible says to PROVE ALL THINGS.

I work hard as an investigative journalist to uncover the truth that American Christians need to hear in this crucial hour. IT is time for the Body of Christ, and my fellow Americans, to quit falling into well laid government traps to DECEIVE and ultimately DESTROY them in the times to come.

BEWARE OF CIA/FBI CINTELPRO! It is found EVERYWHERE. And it's intent is to deceive and discredit valid journalism/journalists like myself. And to undermine valid Patriotic organizations attempting to tell Americans the truth as well.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding my character, background or work, etc., simply come to me and ASK ME...that's all. It is that simple.

-Pamela Schuffert reporting live from Montana



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