Report from: Association of National Security Alumni Electronic Surveillance Project

I am a former US Intelligence Officer, trained at the National level. I am currently the Director of a Project which is focussed on the widespread involuntary human experimentation which is now ongoing in this country, involving the use of directed-energy weapons, surveillance and 'neurocybernetics' systems. The Department of Defense refers to these latter as 'psychotechnologies'. These operations, which are exceptionally brutal, qualify as attempts at 'mind control'.

A classic 'mind control' operation involves, among other things, the following: 

(1) Long-term, round-the-clock physical and electronic surveillances for purposes of collecting 'personalia' on, and biological specimens from, a targeted individual for future explotation;

(2) Overt and covert forms of repetitive harassment for purposes os studying the experimentee's capacity to handle extreme stress;

(3) Directed-energy harassment for purposes of inducing extreme disorientation and debilitating forms of pain (involving technologies which are currently characterized as 'less-than-lethal'weapons and surveillance systems by the US Department of Justice);

(4) Experimentation with neurocybernetics/psychotechnologies which have a capacity to induce quasi-subliminal 'voices in the head'and which, when the experimentee is asleep, can influence the evolutionary development of dreams;

(5) Long-term manipulation of the experimentee to compel behaviour and statments which, in the long-term, will be self-discrediting;

(6) Isolation and financial impoverishment of the experimentee;

(7) Continal terrorization of the experimentee for purposes of compelling an act of violence, whether suicide or murder.

Overt Harassment

Overt Harassment -- which is obviously meant to be observed -- may be intended to 'precondition' individuals for long-term electronic harassment. Persons terrified by unexplained overt harassment are not likely to cope with the sudden onset of electronic harassment in any more reasined fashion. This phased pattern of harassment is apparent in all of the cases now being investigated. The fact that overt harassment continues in these cases even after the electronic targeting commences suggests that the objective is to maintain long-term extreme stress.

Many of the overt harassment tactics discussed below are surfacing in cases which (so far) have not involved discernable forms of electronic harassment. These are cases involving so-called 'whistle-blowers' who, because of their inside knowledge of certain potentially newsworthy events, pose particular threats of embarrassment to the Government or to government-affiliated employers. We have noticed that electronic harassment is beginning to surface as a form of retaliation against persons who try to assist electronic 'harassees'. Retaliation suggests a loss of control. Under these circumstances, we are not entirely confident that 'whistle-blowers' will continue to be exempted from this type of harassment in the long-term.

The individuals now in touch with the Project describe their circumstances as involving most, if not all, of the following overt forms of harassment:

 Sudden, bizarrely-rude treatment, isolation and acts of harassment and vandalism by formerly friendly neighbours.

 Harassing telephone calls, which continue even after the targeted individual obtains new, unlisted telephone numbers.

 Mail interception, theft and tampering.

 Noise campaigns.

While unrelenting harassing telephone calls might be considered in this context, other tactics are employed. Blaring horns, qwhistles, sirens, garbage disposal run concurrently in apartment settings for excessively long periods of time, and amplified transmissions of recorded 'general racket'have been used on a recurrent basis under circumstances intended to persuade the individual that he or she is under surveillance.

In all of these cases, the individual's neighbours apparently pretend to be oblivious and/or indifferent to these sudden, continuous explosions of noise.

Door slamming is also a popular pastime, particularly in apartment buildings. One individual reported that, during a peak period of harassment, the neighbour across the hall began entering and leaving his apartment every time the victim opens his front door.

Additional ELF Capabilities

Much of the work on ultra-low-frequencies was done and continues to be done by the Navy, and Dr. Jose Delgado in Spain has produced an additional list of the capabilities that are in the hands of the military and intelligence agencies:

20 Creation of fatigue states.

21 Creation of a state of depression.

22 Creation of cataracts and eye problems.

23 Creation or irritability and anger states.

24 General alteration of moods.

25 Creation of compulsive behaviour patterns.

26 Creation of staes of sexual aggrssiveness.

27 Creation of havoc in circadian rhythms

28 Creation of fear and disorientation

29 Creation of sleep disorders and insomnia

30 Creation of periods of short and long-term memory loss

31 Creation of leukemia and cancer.

32 Creation of catatonic (zombie-like) states (15 mins).

33 Creation of violent states and criminal behaviour patterns.

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