Organized Stalking Target Anecdotes

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January 20, 2008

This page is to provide a place for multiple stalking victim anecdotes, to give the visitor a quick view of what it's like to be a target of this criminal activity:


Book, "Terrorist Stalking in America", a must read for anyone interested in seeing case information from the perpetrator side.


Lissa:  I discovered my husband had been molesting, and had been allowing associates molest, my daughter Jennifer. When I called the police, my husband said "You have no idea what you have done."  I then took Jennifer to a pediatrician, then to a children's hospital.  By the time I was done, the authorities twisted the story around so that *I* was declared mentally ill, and the childrens' custody given to my husband.  A year later I am still fighting this, and from conversations I understand that if I win, I will probably be killed.  The public has no idea how corrupt the justice system is, and what a stranglehold organized pedophile rings have on public officials.


Sally:  Frequent thefts and sabotage of my belongings to the point that I now can't afford three meals a day.  I experience theft and sabotage of my food and kitchenware.


Liza:  Before I realized that I was being targeted for some reason, I used to get a lot of odd damage and stains appearing in my house, but I chalked it up to having a child.  There would be no way of knowing what he might have spilled.

When the drain pipes from the roof kept repeatedly getting crushed or pulled apart (so that the basement would get water when it rained), I knew it wasn't my son doing it, but I thought maybe it was some kids in the neighbourhood who liked to dismantle drain pipes. When the screen doors developed tears in them right next to the door handles (which I locked at night), I felt slightly suspicious.  When the door locks themselves went askew and my keys didn't work quite as well, I had no idea at the time that this was an indication that my locks had been tampered with.

Looking back, I realize that there was sabotage going on a fair amount.  The stains were some kind of engine oil, spread all over the house, including on my son's bed under his sheets.  He's not a baby, so he wasn't throwing motor oil around.


Gloria:  I put up with this stalking for 13 years, and then suddenly one night, while I was starting to drift off to sleep, I felt what seemed like a bolt of electricity hit the middle of my body. Repeated hits to my stomach and back and ribcage continued for hours.  These electro-shock zaps and zings have gone on since 1998, depriving me of sleep.  I also get really intense headaches, even though I almost never used to get headaches before the zaps and zings began.  The zings cause other types of body pain, too.  But the two worst problems for me are the sleep deprivation and the splitting headaches.

[Eleanor White webmaster talking:  I've had things like 'zaps' too while trying to sleep.  Or 'bee stings'.  And long periods in the night when I can't get back to sleep even though I only drink one cup of decaffeinated coffee once each day.  Do any visitors to this site have any idea how a stalker could accomplish these effects?]


Liza:  I've had problems with clothing being torn and destroyed.  Every coat I have bought for my son in the last two years has had problems with the zipper not working from about the first week onward.  My own most recent new coat needed a new zipper within a month, at a cost of $50 because it was a long zipper.  At the same time, it developed several tears in the inner seams.  Most recently the metal zipper on my jeans was subtly rendered inoperable by teeth falling out.  But metal teeth don't just "fall out" of zippers.

Then the situation got worse, and I knew something wasn't right, and that this wasn't all "random".  The walls of my bedroom began to bang at night, very loudly, as though someone was throwing stones at the wall.  My furnace got so loud that the whole house shook when it was on, and it was like a train was going through the house.  My appliances began to behave strangely - stopping working for a few days - and then starting working again.  A lot more happened besides this, but it is impossible to explain and makes me look a little crazy to talk about it.

When I began to suspect someone was behind all of this in the fall of 2002, I encountered all kinds of additional problems, including mail being lost, false charges appearing on my credit card, static and clicks on my phone, lots of hang-ups and problems with my television reception.  I suddenly got bug infestations that I had never had before, and I got very sick.  I developed diarrhea that lasted for 8 weeks.  I felt so sick and tired and my bedroom walls kept doing this banging at night, keeping me awake.  I noticed that if I drank bottled water that I felt better.  There were no reports of e-coli in my region, but it certainly looked like my water had become unsafe for some reason.  Desperate, fearful and not knowing where to turn for help, I fled my house and moved in with my parents.  I am 38 years old.


Lynn:  Not only are there instances of multi-stalkers, some of these stalkers have followed me from one state to another. Because of my job, I had to make a move from a state in the southwest to a state in the midwest, some two thousand or so miles away. There were very few of us in my work group who made the move. The license plates from the "old" state had very loud colors and were quite noticeable. Even a co-worker noticed a car with plates from the "old" state which was lurking around our new place of employment. He mentioned that he did not recognize the car or the two men who were in the car. I recognized them as two of my stalkers from the "old" state who were now stalking me at my new job location and in my new apartment. These creeps were constantly breaking into my apartment and either stealing my property or in some way trashing it. These two men would also eat lunch frequently at a table next to the table where I and my co-workers would be having lunch. When a person is trying to hang onto a job and working anywhere from 60 to 80 or 90 hours a week, there is no energy or time left to try to "fight" these creeps. 


Lynn:  Suspending for the moment the belief by some that multiple-stalker incidents could not occur in the United States, I would like to remind everyone that this is a country which recently landed two rovers on the surface of Mars. With that in mind, I will relay the incident of ordering refill pages for the day planner I was using at the time. I called the 800 number and talked to someone named "Paul."  He seemed lackadaisical and uninterested in taking my order.  I waited for a month for the refills to arrive and they never did.  The company I dealt with had always been very prompt and provided good service before this time.  I called the company again and was told they had no record at all of my previous order and they also had no order taker named Paul. If anyone tries to tell you there will be clicks or other noises on a tapped phone line, don't believe it.  Consider how much personal information often goes out over the phone: appointments, credit card info, etc.  Now consider how much technology has improved since this incident happened to me years ago. If you don't believe me, go outside some night and look up at the planet Mars.

[Eleanor White talking:  Incredible as it sounds, multiple stalker victims report that the stalking groups are sometimes able to enlist the aid of various stores and other public service providers.  This shows clearly that the multiple stalking "phenomenon" is much larger and runs much deeper than single stalker cases.  I have had a number of incidents as described above where commercial organizations have participated in the harassment.]


Lissa:  Yesterday, (February 23, 2004) was up there with bizarrest days in my life, of that there is no doubt.  I was dialling a number with "911" in the MIDDLE, and got the 911 operator instead!

I was fortunately able to tape the last part of the conversation with the 911 operator who was INSISTANT that I had mis-dialed. Nope - not a chance. Also not a chance that my phone "missed" the first outgoing 4 numbers of the call I was trying to make originally (and which had never happened before).

The police came even though I explained I had not dialed "911".

The cop tried telling me that it was likely the battery in the phone and that they can sometimes go weak and dial crazy numbers. I'm not buying that, (are you?) He spent a good 15 minutes in my entrance shooting the breeze and then was on his merry way.

I made a few calls and then another and then .... ANOTHER unintended call to 911.  Even though they had the first one on record and I insisted that everything was OK, another cop was dispatched. Took this guy 20 minutes (good thing it wasn't a real case of hostage taking huh?) AND, they had assigned a backup unit to respond as well (but when he got here, he called in and cancelled backup).

Upon entering my home, he said, "I understand you had the pleasure of meeting Constable Marshall earlier on?!"   I replied, "Yes, lovely man that he was, and that I'm certain you are, I had not intended to be 'meeting' any of our finer boys in blue today."  Naturally, my neighbors all rubbernecked as they drove by my place (ya don't see a ton of cops in driveways out here.  Never. Only at my place actually).

I had company expected for dinner. What makes things further odd is that the timing of the cop leaving my driveway was just a couple of minutes ahead of company arriving. This is the first time I've invited my bother and sister-in-law over since all hell broke loose last year. They only live 12 minutes away.  Had a good evening with them and my father.

Bizarre, bizarre, bizarre.  I'm wondering if it wasn't another sign that I would be heading down the wrong path with either a Child Protective Services lawsuit or pushing ahead with multi-stalking awareness and/or related lawsuit which I'm still pondering.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  And then I'll add a @#$%^&*.  Somedays, it just sucks to BE ME (then I see my kids and it doesn't suck so much after all). :-)


Lynn:  Another incident of telephone harassment involved a large department store that has seasonal catalogs. When I still had a good paying job, a home and a life, I used to periodically order things from this store. The store would send out an automated message notifying me my order was ready to pick up.

One day, I received such a message over the phone.  It immediately registered with me that I hadn't ordered anything from this store for quite a few months. I got into the car (I still had a car back then), drove all the way down to the department store and inquired as to why I would be getting this message.  The catalog department, of course, had no idea and no knowledge of any such message being called out to me. This illustrates how telephone calls can be intercepted or completely fabricated and transmitted to the victim's home number.

(Incidentally, I've always had a non-published number.) This incident was inconvenient and cost me travel time and wear and tear on the car.  It also left my home open yet again to invasion and destruction of my property. It left my little dog open to more abuse. Multiply these incidents by thousands of times over many years and perhaps you begin to get an idea of what life is like for some of us.


David:  Here are a few things that happen in my life:

  • Cabinet and drawer handles held on by screws are repeatedly loosened  ARTIFICIALLY.
  • Magnetic latches on cabinets are loosened ARTIFICIALLY so that the cabinet doors will not latch properly.
  • Wood veneers on drawers and cabinets are partially peeled off  ARTIFICIALLY and warped somehow.  Severely warped inside veneers also  interfere with door latch operation.
  • The car radio speaker balance controls, and car ventilation and heating  system controls, are tampered with and became loose and difficult or impossible to operate.
  • Previously opened caps on items such as deodorant and food containers, have been retightened, and excessively so while I'm out.
  • There seems to be much more dirt in my life than there should be. My apartment rapidly accumulates dust and sand, especially on the floors,  as if somebody is sprinkling a small amount each time I am out.  The dust bunnies are the most puzzling.  I thought that they are a  combination of spider webs and ordinary dust, but they also happen during  the dead of winter, when there are few if any spiders, because there are no insects on which to feed.

[Eleanor White talking: ME TOO on that sprinkling of dirt and dust when I'm out!  And, the placing of moths in my apartment when I'm out.]


Eleanor White:  A "Terrorist Stalking in America"  "classic"

** NOTICE **

This anecdote IN NO WAY implies that the subjects have any connection with the crime of organized stalking whatsoever. This anecdote is simply a story of a scenario that seemed to fit the descriptions of organized stalking operations described in the book "Terrorist Stalking in America" very closely, so closely it SEEMED more than coincidence.

While walking home from picketing in Hamilton, Ontario along Main Street East in late August 2004, I was startled to come across what appeared to me to be a CLASSIC police unmarked "lookalike" car, pictured in David Lawson's book "Terrorist Stalking in America" at an intersection as I waited to cross.  The car was one of the full size white Ford sedans of 2000 (+) vintage used all over southern Ontario by police forces.

The car had tinted side windows, one VHF and two cell phone antennas. The licence plate read ANBJ-XXX.

I stood and watched the car heading north on Fairleigh Avenue, and pull into house #XX.  Because of the startling resemblance to the stalking group cars described in David Lawson's book, I walked north along Fairleigh Ave. and stopped opposite the house.  The house is a two-storey brick detached house, immaculately maintained, and with prominent "ADT" security service stickers on windows, and the "ADT" stop-sign-shaped sign on a post in the lawn.

Two stocky, muscular, middle aged men got out and brought several shopping bags into the house.  My impression was that this house is something other than a normal family residence.

I list this here as an anecdote, with the understanding that this could have been set up by the organized stalkers as "bait" to get me to complain and rant about this.  I won't do that, but I am posting this in case others find the same type of incident happening to them.


At least one story has been sent in where one seniour is being harassed, and that person's spouse is gravely ill.  Seniours, with minimal income and no way to fight back.  This is how low the perpetrators go when choosing people to group torture. One man in his 80s is being severely harassed.


Anonymous email - September 2004:

I will go through periods where nobody will even talk to me or be  bothered.

My sister has just up and stopped talking to me. She's the type of person that would tell me if she had a problem with me but suddenly she doesn't want to hear from me. I contact her and she doesn't answer but will talk with others in the family.

My brother who is a straightforward person also and never seemed to have problems with me most of the time will now argue with me continually and try to nitpick at me and get me into useless debates.  If I say it's raining he will say it's sunny outside just for the hell of it.

Even people on the bus I ride to school or work that I am friendly  with will stop talking to me and look the other way like they're afraid of me or something and i don't do anything but be nice and mind my business.

People at work will turn on me for no reason and professors at school will sometimes look at me like I'm an alien from another planet. Then, oddly enough, there are times where it will all go away and then suddenly out of the blue it starts up again.

I just got to the point where I said to hell with it. I'll be a hermit and stick to myself. So that's what I do. I stick to myself. No real friends to speak of and I am distant with my own family members. I'm a very strong person but sometimes I swear it feels like I'm going to snap and lose it but then I pull myself together with help from God and go on. It takes strength. A LOT of strength.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- - September 2004:

I noticed I was being stalked in 1996. There were cars  following me everywhere I went. I would say up to 30. I had never had anything like that happen to me before. I was terrified. They seemed to know when I was going to leave the house or work.

People at work started treating me like I was a criminal. My children  who are adults and live out of state didn't believe me. I still have a very distant and strained relationship with them. I noticed the  stalking from Sept 96 to March of 97. It has ruined my life. I have no friends or family support and it has started again.

I live in Texarkana Texas. There have to be other victims in this town. If you have heard from anybody please let me know. I will try  and document what is happening as best I can but it would be so much better if I had someone who knew the hell I am going through. We could help one another. I know you are probably busy but please let me know if you get this email.

In 96, 97 there were strange people who moved into houses on both sides of me. The ones on the north side seemed to know when I would be in my kitchen because as soon as I would walk in the kitchen they would come out in their back yard and stare at me through my window. There were always 5 or 6 of them.

One day I drove by the police dept. to see if they would follow me there. They did. I also saw several of the cars that had been following me parked at the BiState Justice building which houses the police dept. as well as the county courts.

We need to stop these people from torturing people. I have always been a law abiding citizen and have never done anything to deserve this.


John Allman of the United Kingdom, October 2004:

Somebody living in Manchester mentioned organized stalking documented in ancient times, the day he visited my house, a month or so ago. He's writing a book that he hopes will be published when finished, which cites an ancient reference to organized stalking, in Latin.

The day he visited my house, I got the toothache that doesn't stay in one tooth so badly that my visitor decided to leave my house before we'd finished, to spare me further torture.  He left, and the toothache stopped immediately.



From A. Jones - October 2004:

For about two years now I have seen an increasing number of police in the mix in terms of my organized stalking.

They use a lot of teenagers and borderline mentally retarded as well  to cause trouble and say things so that I will react to them.  Five minutes later the police will ride by.  Or if I'm on the phone and I say I'm going some where there will be a squad car waiting for me or in one case I almost got by a few.  Once I was driving with my husband and a squad car came out of nowhere and almost hit us, then he slowly turned around, I guess to catch our emotional response to it.  Now I keep a camera on my at all times to take pictures of the cars and license plates.

At every job and every place I have lived there was defamation of character and no support from supervisors or the higher ups who were aware of this.


From Anonymous - November 2004:

I've been group stalked by firefighters and ambulance drivers along with cops.  I'm in the Cleveland Ohio  area. I also have the sirens go off in morning a lot.  I also have planes fly over my house and the pilots are on their loud speakers talking at 6:00 am.    My neighbors are all yelling about that all the time.

[Eleanor White commenting:  Often, neighbours are co-opted as perps, and will refuse to acknowledge blatant harassment including noise, even though it's so obvious and loud it can't be denied.  It is good to hear that in this case, neighbours aren't pulling that classic trick.]

Firemen, Police and other respected members of our community doing "organized harassment/stalking" needs to be exposed. Firemen doing organized stalking is happening to many people in San Francisco, and it needs to be all over the media. The organized stalking that a friend of mine is experiencing personally, is really beyond criminal. It is being done by firemen, police, and other people that the target doesn't have any relationship with. A brief account of what they are doing to my friend ; They actually enlist people to help stalk, harass and issue out hate to this person and several other people in SF.

My friend was harassed so much that it became a danger to keep living in their home they had lived in many years.So they have to move out with no place to move to move to because they are not safe in their own home where they pay rent. Sirens would go off anytime she talks about racism, topics heard on kpfa, its just to many things to list.

When my friend was at home, she was harassed constantly by sounds made in response to everything she said and did in her apartment. My friend was not allowed to sleep through the night for over a year and a half. They enlisted other tenants to watch her like a hawk, when she came home who came to visit, when she left. the fire fighters would verbally taunt her, and make sounds in concert with the tenants in that building. some of the tenants in that are friends with these fire fighters doing the organized stalking and harassing.

When my friend would leave home, the home would be broken into, water and food tampered with, eavesdropping on phone calls, and listening through walls. My friend walks around the city and is followed by police cars, also fire trucks, they actually let my friend know, they don't try to hide their work vehicles. whenever my friend talks about the harassment on the phone, sirens from the fire department, and or police siren go off as soon as she puts down the phone.

To confuse things even worse, these harassors enlist people who have something in common with the target. For example, they enlist, people of color, gays and lesbians, women, and men., I believe this is done so none of the isms can be used as the reason why the harassment is taking place. It is the sadest thing to me to watch the hell and torture they put my friend through.

And the most hurtful part of all is there isn't much information about this in any media in San Francisco, So the support is very limited for now. My friend is being forced to hide out. My friend is disabled, and to make life even harder, This is so cruel. These Criminals are basically getting away with being abusive which these perps seem to enjoy invoking they have no compassion at all they have made that very clear from their deeds. I sometimes wonder why there isn't more in the media about this, and wonder if it is because people are afraid to report on such activties becuase they don't want to be the next target.

I hope this write up encourages more people going through it in San Francisco to speak out. It needs to be exposed and stopped.


From "R" - November 2004:

If I were to fully elaborate on each of the following occurrences, I would end up writing a book. Now, a list from Hell.  In the last year:

1. A disgustingly obnoxious amount of "street theatre"performances. I give two thumbs down. These have not been limited to cars and pedestrians swarming me, NEARLY ALL the customers in a store filing into line just as I'm about to check out, EVERYONE clearing their throat AT ONCE, and people making nonsensical statements. I experience BLATANT acts of this stupidity literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out in public.

2. When involved in a conversation, the other participants will suddenly begin acting nervous, twitching and moving about, and abruptly changing the subject. Occasionally, they will all leave the room at once.

3. Even members of my extended family appear to be in on this. [Eleanor White commenting:  This is widely the case, and is very likely caused by perpetrators masquerading as police, telling lies to family members about the target.]

4. It appears that I must have a HORRIBLE reputation.  When in public, I am leered at and whispered about.  Often, store clerks are quite rude, or I am outright ignored. Recently, I moved to a different town. NOT ONE store clerk among many would let me have a single cardboard box!  My extended family, save one or two people, refuse to speak to me, and I have been told that I am not welcome in any of their homes. No one, however, will tell me a damn thing! [Eleanor White commenting:  CLASSIC organized stalking!  LIES do amazing things to friends, family, neighbours, business associates.]

5. I could write a mile-long list of the strange little items which have  gone missing or have been moved.

6. My clothing frays in the crotch and the butt. I buy more underwear and socks, but never seem to own either. 

7. THREE flat tires in a span of two weeks. Each time, there was no hole. Seemed as though air had been let out and cap replaced.

8. Mutilated kitten. [Eleanor White commenting:  We have evidence that Satanists are sometimes involved in these crimes.  The torture and deaths of animals clearly points to that.]

9. "Peeping Tom" who wanked his you-know-what.

10. Employment weirdness, including being placed under a loud speaker and told I could not move or turn bad music down, computer continuously crashing, passwords invalid, leered at and whispered about by coworkers, cornered in a closet by management...

11. Identification lost or stolen, then my birth certificate never showed up after two months of sending them money, and someone else has the same social security number as mine which is preventing me from getting assistance to pay for pregnancy-related medical care.

12. I wake up every night at almost the same time. I mean, AWAKE. By the  time I fall back asleep, It is almost time to wake up. [Eleanor White commenting:  CLASSIC organized stalking. The old medical device, the LIDA machine, can cause this.]

13. Disgustingly morbid things happened to me at a hospital. My clothing was literally ripped from my body, and I was tied up in a tiny metal room. I was supposedly injected with Haldol, and I can not account for three days of time. When I woke up, I was escorted to a disgusting restroom that had no sink.  There was blood in my urine. Bright red blood. The so-called doctors and nurses had strange, metallic voices that hurt my mind. I was turned loose shortly after midnight, still drugged. My skeleton felt too big for my skin, probably the way Alice felt before entering Wonderland. I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo uncomfortable. Couldn't sit down, stand up, lie down. I think it was Jesus who saved me and gave me a ride the hell out of there. Don't know really what happened. Just that those "people" gave me horrible drugs, and that one of them looked like a member of my extended family.  I AM NOT INSANE. [Eleanor White commenting:  Organized stalking targets are not insane. The organized stalking MEMBERS ARE.] There is more. I feel so isolated. I wish I had a friend. Life has become ugly. [Eleanor White commenting:  Friends are often "turned" by LIES told by the perpetrators.]


From Len - November 2004:

I live in Northern Virginia about 45 miles Northwest of Washington, DC. I first became accutely aware of the stalking when I recognized an echo of my footsteps in the apartment above me, when I awoke in the middle of the night and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. After a couple of times, I decided to lie still when I first woke up, and then I heard some additional disturbance overhead. 

Since I lived in a fairly congested area, it was difficult to recognize some of the stalking tactics, and also because I worked flex-time and took back roads. But the sleep deprivation was something that persisted for over 12 years (maybe as many as 18 - didn't attribute it to intentional for reasons I won't go into in deference to time and space)  and despite moving 5 times! However, there were times when peculiar things happened when in my car, such as turning onto a divided street and several cars coming from the opposite direction would blow their horns. 

Once I came to a 3-way stop, where I could either go straight or make a left turn, and four consecutive cars, opposite me made right turns without even slowing down. Then there was numerous times when I would have people enter my car and mis-adjust my rear view mirror while I was in a store, or working out at the gym.

Several years ago, I moved to a more rural area, and then the stalking accelerated. I didn't realize it at first. I believe they contrived circumstances to goad me into actions that resulted in traffic tickets, in fact they were traps. I don't know how many times I was cut off. However, I started writing down license numbers and that seemed to curb the situation. 

I don't know what other people's backgrounds are, but I have worked with individuals that were members (or former members) of TIAs (3-letter accronyms - FBI\CIA\NSA). Interestingly enough, I believe, without question, that law enforcement agencies have been involved in what has been taking place in my life, and the manifest evidence is overwhelming!

[Eleanor White commenting:  David Lawson, in his book Terrorist Stalking in America states his research into organized stalking has revealed that some police departments covertly support these modern-day organized stalking groups.] 

I used to think I was totally alone in this, until VERY recently, when I encountered Eleanor's website, and a few others. After all, the situation is so bizarre and surreal, that it is hard to imagine that it is TRUE, let alone happening to others as well. I was never, and nor am I now, sure why this is all taking place, since much of what I've read on the internet and of what became obvious when the tactics were outright blatant, triggered memories of similar situations going back quite a few years.

It has been my observation that if there is anything that I consider valuable or have an affinity for, then there are efforts to wreck it or spoil it. Interestingly, I believe that there have been concentrated efforts to bring people into contact with me. Co-workers, and professional people such as realtors, etc who were simply plants. It seems that they want to know as much about what I'm experience as well.

Is this all a part of studies in social engineering, and mind control; what is their ultimate objective? Since I am a Christian, many of my contacts have been professing "Christians", however, I must confess that I harbored some serious reservations, and some of the things they have done, have suggested that they were merely wolves in sheep's clothing.

[Eleanor White commenting:  One target has coined the phrase, "Pretend-a-Christians."]


From Sher - December 2004:

When I lived in Omaha, Nebraska, after a very long day at work, I came home, took a frozen dinner out of the freezer, heated it in the microwave and ate it. Within half an hour, I threw up the entire dinner.  

I stayed home from work the next day, thinking I had the flu. That's when I discovered my freezer had been rewired in such a way that during the day the coils heated up and became RED HOT.  In the afternoon, the coils cooled down and by the time I would have normally gotten home from work, all the food in the freezer was re-frozen. When I ate that frozen dinner, I was eating PURE BOTULISM.

And people have the NERVE to call me paranoid?  Don't judge me until YOU have been harassed practically to death the way I have been. And no, I  don't know why these people do this or why they are so hateful or why I  was chosen to be one of the "lucky" ones. 


From Jesus Mendoza - December 2004:

Hi. Eleanor, You  can post the Police report on the net.  The Chief of the City of Mission Police Departement Lio Longoria,  claims he is initiating an investigation over my claims of organized stalking.  Last Thursday I presented evidence to one of the investigators,  two video tapes showing a dramatic increase of ionizing radiation in my home which is causing pain and suffering to my children.  This increase occured after the investigation started.  The road harrassment has stopped.

From: Jesus Mendoza

To: Eleanor White

Subject: JMM Police report

Date sent:  Fri, 03 Dec 2004 17:07:26 +0000


December 3, 2004.

Re:  Request to Amend Report No. 04-34186.

Jesus Mendoza

2202 E. 28th St. Mission, Texas, 78574.

Tel. 956/519 7140

Lio Longoria, Chief of Police

Mission Police Department

1200 E. 8th. St. Mission, Texas 78574

956/584 5101

Dear Mr. Longoria:

I am requesting the amendment of the Police Report No. 04-34186. On November 17, of 2004, around 16:47 hours,  I was driving across John Shary Elementary School on Glasscock Road, when a red truck came behind me at high speed in an attempt to ram the rear of my vehicle.  I turned to the right on 25-1/2 St. and the red truck followed me in another attempt to ram the rear of my vehicle.  I pulled to the right of the road and the red truck passed me turning to the right and parking on 2004 E. 25th. St.  There, I took the picture of Mr. Christopher Lohden as he alighted from his truck. 

I asked Mr. Lohden about the reason he had to tried to ram my car. Mr. Lohden said that he was going to call the police.  After he made the call, a lady came from the house and asked Mr. Lohden what was going on.  Mr. Lohden then said  "I called the police, this guy says that I tried to ram his car."

The lady said, "You did! Why are you calling the police!  Don't call the police!"  The lady then walked back inside the house.  I asked Mr. Lohden to tell the police that I was coming back.  Mr. Lohden then asked where I lived.  I said "You know where I live, and you know me, this is not the first time that you engage in this kind of harassment."  Mr. Lohden did not reply.  I returned when the police car was already parked at the home of Mr. Lohden.

I explained to Mr. Hernandez and to Mr. Paniagua, officers of the Mission Police Department, the fact that Mr. Lohden had attempted to ram my car. Mr. Lohden did not deny my claim and instead said that I was doing thirty miles an hour on the road.  Mr. Paniagua asked me to come across the street. There, I explained to Mr. Paniagua and to Mr. Hernandez the attempts to ram my car;  the statements made by the lady that came out of the house; the fact that Mr. Lohden had attempted to run over my children and I when we were crossing the street; the fact that everyday I was subjected to this type of harassment; the fact that other individuals in the neighborhood have engaged in the same harassment; and the fact that this harassment was the result of racism.  Please include this Request for Amendment to Police Report No.04-34186. (Copy of Police Report 04-34186  enclosed).

Should you have any questions or need clarifications please feel free to call me.


Jesus Mendoza

cc:  Christopher Lohden.


December 3, 2004.

Jesus Mendoza

2202 E. 28th St.

Mission, Texas


956/519 7140

Mr. Christopher Lohden

2004 E. 25th.  St.

Mission, Texas


Dear Mr. Lohden:

Enclosed is a Request for Amendment of Police Report No. 04-34186.

Should you have objections, please file them in writing with the 

Mission Police Department.  Please mail me a copy of your objections if any.


Jesus Mendoza

cc: Mr. Lio Longoria, Chief of the Mission Police Department.


From Len - December 2004:

As I approached the light for the main entrance, I noticed that there was a truck exiting the plaza at the secondary exit. What was peculiar, is that it was pulling out very slowly, even though there were no cars in the lanes above the exit, and there was nothing coming except me, and I was not close enough to have been a consideration. As I approached the exit, the truck began pulling into the LEFT lane, even though I was the only person in that lane, and the RIGHT LANE EMPTY- absolutely no traffic. I COULD HAVE SWORN THAT THE DRIVER MUST HAVE BOTH SEEN AND HEARD ME! (I always thought that Harleys were renown for a distinctly audible sound.) But, he was pulling out in such a way as to block both lanes, and the traffic in the right lane before the exit, assured that I could no pass behind the truck.

If the setting had suggested a hazard as I approached, I would have slowed down, however, when the truck driver did not simply turn out into the right lane and proceed up hill, I was already too close to stop before hitting them. My only options were, either run into the side of the truck, or try to squeeze through the gap between the truck and the double row of opposing traffic. There was no way I could possibly have stopped. However, if the truck struck my motorcycle, I would most certainly have been thrown into oncoming traffic. To this day, I consider it a miracle that I was able to accelerate fast enough to squeeze through without being struck by the truck. 

At the time, I could not imagine that anyone would have done such a thing intentionally, yet the evidence of a setup is unmistkable - they had more than sufficient opportunity to have entered the highway without jeopardizing me, both with regard to road space and time - the timing was unmistably deliberate! But I couldn't possibly imagine why, and at the time ASSUMED against all logical evidence that somehow the driver had just been negligent rather than malicious.

What now puzzles me, is the realization that this was going on in my situation for 27 YEARS or longer! Somehow, I doubt that I'm the first person - yet one can't help wondering, why isn't the public more aware of it??

[Eleanor White commenting:  The organized stalking group members are extremely careful to use setups which look like "life's normal mishaps."]

I also find myself wondering how many people have been killed in accidents that were arranged; and where  many of the people who knew them had no idea what had actually taken place.

In my case it was a perfect opportunity, since a motorcycle will not likely inflict a great deal of damage to a truck or car or their passengers.


From Deb - December 2004:

Deb describes her perpetrators' Christmas stunts:

1998: Repeatedly pulling up into my driveway Christmas eve and blasting horns until dawn. Silent night, my ass. 

1999: "Carolers" came to sing below my second floor apartment.  They reworked The 12 Days of Christmas to recount the various  Christmas errands I had run that day.


From Zeem - December 2004:

They've started breaking into my apt.  They're doing little things -  rearranging stuff. 

I only recently noticed they sawed off one of the horizontal supports of a chair. I'm not sure what to do about this.

They've also got a trojan installed on my computer - it lets them see what I'm typing into message boxes, also lets them edit what I'm typing. I've also had clothing, labels rip off. The first one was pointed out to me via a little folded up piece of paper pointing at one of my t-shirts. Is there any way I can stop them from breaking in? 

[Eleanor White commenting:  No, not until the justice system stops providing cover for them.]

They have been following me around on the Internet too. 


From Cassandra - December 2004:

The perps already know who you are and where.  Not knowing what "lie" was told to whom, you are not certain what "issue" is being addressed/challenged/corrected. 

Personally, I keep getting "outed" by concerned(?) citizens who have been told I am: a "witch", therefore, ultimate evil; a racist; a prostitute; a terrorist; a criminal; an escaped mental patient; homosexual; a child molester; a "street gang" member; etc. 

None of the above are true, however, different people are told different things for different reasons.  TRUTH:  I am a domestic abuse SURVIVOR, who is once again homeless and living in a shelter.  

End of sob story, nothing to add.


From B - December 2004:

I was a whistleblower at a State government job who leaked facts to the press and vocally opposed wasteful misuse of funds. I helped some outside groups block millions of dollars in inappropriate grants to a city I now know to have organized crime investment. The harassment is clearly job-related, and people at work were witnessed taking part in some incidents. Other perps are complete strangers. I changed jobs and moved several times, to no avail. The harassment, which has destroyed my life, has now gone on 25 years, and continues although I have retired and moved to another state. The perps can open even high-security locks like Medeco without force, can beat central alarm systems, and very likely have allies in law enforcement.


From Margo Tilton - January 2005:

[Eleanor White speaking:  Margo Tilton, for years, has had especially invasive and controlling electronic attacks on her mind and body.]

Hello. I can hardly believe it but the perps are actually taking even more emotion from me. I thought they took as much as they could. And as time goes by, I haven't even felt any fatigue as I go to bed or when I wake up in the morning. Not a bit. They say, "Too much pleasure..."

Together with my equally 100% absent sense of smell and 95% absent  sense of taste, I guess you would describe this as sensory deprivation. They're even threatening to say I'll soon see the world in shades of gray.

I can't believe they would put anyone in this condition. What reason  is there to live?  We experience life through our five senses.



From L - January 2005:

I saw the show last night with Peter Jennings.  It was really something, on more than one level.  Like, it was informing, but it was selling acceptance of all this at the same time.

Here's something disturbing: though I fixed my minor problem, I could watch but not tape the program.  That is because someone must have come in my house and put something like a screw driver in my VCR, and bent some of the pins to almost 70 degree angles, and bent the head that copies, I think.


From Margo - January 2005

I'm an animal lover - I have three cats. A while back, in June 2004, one of my three cats somehow got a blade of grass in his eye which of course made it very irritated and red. I took him to the vet who gave me some anti-biotics in case of infection. As far as I know, and according to the perps themselves, they've been irritating his red, swollen eye since that time. Just drilling it. They did a similar thing to me for one straight week each two times in past years.

[Eleanor speaking:  "Just drilling it" by way of remote electronics which are capable of creating pain remotely.]

They recently started causing him severe eye pain whenever he looks at me so as to associate me with a source of pain. I took him to the vet yesterday and had them check it out. It's the same eye since June. They couldn't find anything wrong but gave me more anti-biotics. The perps said they would stop hurting him and maybe they'll "let" me remember to administer the medication this time.

They have been darkening my eyesight in my house at night and even during the day - it's pitch black - and they possibly hit my cats, or hope that my foot will hit them when I pass by in the dark.

They have been physically abusing my cats whenever I'm near them and hit my foot and/or ankle simultaneously, trying to fool me into believing I hit them when they're nearby. They say, "Not unless you look at them". Do you know what I mean? They can force me to see a hologram of my foot striking my animals when I know I'm not.

These are the things the perps do for kicks.



From Matt Beal, unemployed journalist - January 2005:

I live in Indiana and if anyone would like to contact me, my phone number is (317) 872-3978.  Email me at:

It's the government doing this to us. 

That's why it's useless trying to report it to the attorney general, police, FBI and all the usual sources. They already know about it and participate in it. A few months ago, cops started following me around everywhere I went. Then I started getting fire department vehicles and unmarked vehicles following me. 

Plus, I started getting a lot of street theater. When I went out jogging in my neighborhood, I would get young women pushing babies in strollers, with other creeps observing my reaction, as though they thought I was some kind of pedophile. 

[Eleanor White speaking:  Pedophilia is one common lie used to bring neighbours, co-workers, community members, and in some cases even family members into the 24/7 harassment.]

Then I started getting bombarded with electronic weapons at home, in the car, in public, etc. They've kept me up all night several times. I was getting harassed at work, too, so I quit after I found another job. On my last day, I sent out an e-mail message to the editors and reporters at the newspaper where I was working, explaining that I'm not a child molester or whatever they thought I was. I told them I was the victim of illegal surveillance, slander and stalking, and that the police and FBI allow it to go on unchecked. 

Then I included links to some web sites about this subject, more or less putting the ball in their court and suggesting they do a story on this phenomenon, which is going on all over the world. Well, someone forwarded the e-mail to my new employer and they withdrew the offer, so now I'm out of a job. I doubt I could have held down a job in my current state of mind anyway. 

I suspect it's politically motivated because I've been outspoken in criticizing corruption in government.  I wrote some articles about CIA and FBI involvement in the JFK assassination, plus I attended some conferences to get better educated on the way things really are.

Since they need guinea pigs to test their weapons on, why not target me? I'm a royal pain to have around, anyway! -- Matt Beal


Mr. Jesus Mendoza - January 24, 2005 (with permission):

Re, Complaint of Gang Aggressions

Jesus Mendoza

2202 E. 28th St.

Mission, Texas 78574

956/519 7140

Lio Longoria, Chief of Police

City of Mission Police Department

1200 E. 8th St.

Mission, Texas 78574

956/584 5101

Dear Mr. Longoria:

I am the subject of gang staking.  On January 22, an unidentified driver attempted to run over my children an myself. Mr. Fernando Barocio an employee of the US Postal Service witnessed the incident and called the police.  (Police Report No. 05-2261).

At several times unidentified vehicles have been attempting to ram the rear of my vehicle.  The evening of January 15, a Jeep with plates (TX) 3XYC61, registered to Clinton T. Welding 2214 Village Drive, Mission, was driven by a young male.  Said vehicle  took off in high speed reverse from the property of Martha A Rodriguez, 2008 N. Shary Rd. attempting the crashing of my vehicle against said vehicle.

At several times a vehicle with plates No. (TX)ZGR71J,  registered to Clifton Davey and Susan M. Davey, 1132 Starfield LN. West Columbia, Texas, has been seen leading the way to several vehicles that engages in gang aggressions against my children and against myself. 

On January 23, a lady driving said vehicle attempted flight to avoid identification.

Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated.

Sincerely, Jesus Mendoza


Reported by Sueann Campbell - December 2005:

Got a call from a survivor who lives in a small Texas town.  

Here is how she used her flyers, which are available from this page:

"I went into a department store, picked out some clothes and went  into the dressing room. I tried on the clothes, then after a few minutes, I took some the flyers out of my purse and left them in dressing room.  I told the clerk: "I am going to look for something else."  I went to the clothes rack and pretended to look at clothes while keeping an eye on the dressing area.   

A man in a dark blue suit appeared and tried to get into the dressing room.  The clerk told him he could not access the women's dressing room and would have to go to the men's area.

He bribed her $20 dollars to access the room and came out with the flyers.  

I walked to the dressing area and said: "Those are mine, I left them in the dressing room by mistake."  And took them out of his hand.  He looked flustered and embarassed.  I turned and walked out of the store.

She says she dropped a flyer in a grocery store and a perp immediately picked it up. 

[Eleanor speaking:  I've had that happen too.]




Reported by Sloan Montenegro - December 2005:

Well, well, well - It seems as if a couple of teenaged perps cracked yesterday… I should preface this story by telling you that my original stalker, who incidentally runs these low life gangs, has been recruiting from the local high school. Nice. At any rate, it seems that once he has recruited a couple of young would be perps, he then seeks to establish them as employees at establishments that I patronize.  He especially seems interested in planting folks at the hair salon that I frequent.  At any rate, the last few times that I have visited I have been bumped, harassed by perp speak, and generally been made aware of the fact that my home is bugged and that I am watched. Ho hum. So, I blew this off for a while but yesterday I think I must have sat on a burr because when the bitchy, perpy hair wash girl walked in to start her shift my mind went into overdrive. First I complained to my stylist about her, and then I requested an other hair wash girl, and proceeded to calmly go sit down in front of her in order to wait my turn in the hair wash line.

She gave me a little bitchy smile, I smiled back, and then I asked her if she believed everything that she was told.  She assured me that she did not. I then told her about the organized stalking phenomenon happening nationwide and made sure to stress that the leaders LIE about the people they target.  She looked shocked and said, is that happening in our town? I said, it most certainly is and xxxxx is running a group right here. He is also recruiting from the local high schools. Both girls were speechless and one finally said, "I know that name!"  So I proceeded to describe him to her, along with his lies, antics and techniques. She looked scared. And then she asked me how I knew him and I told her that I had dated him, broken up with him, and that as revenge for that he was trying to destroy my life. I also told her about his abusiveness towards women and his criminal record. I don't have a criminal record. At this point she told me that he had told her that I was a stripper, was married and living with my husband, and cheating on him.  I laughed and told her that I had been an activist for 18 years and had never stripped in my life and that my husband and I were in the midst of divorce proceedings and on friendly terms. I then told her frankly that she was involving herself in some dirty business that could land her in juvenile lock-up and for such a young person it was a shame to watch her throw her life away. I also told her that if she ever did get arrested for harassment that xxxx would simply walk away from her. And that she would be alone with no support.

She and her friend went pale. Both became very kind, and the African American girl looked visibly annoyed at the Anglo girl for being involved in such stupidity. Also, she wouldn't let the Anglo girl touch my hair… ;-)

One more small victory. I just hope it sticks. I hate to see young folks throwing their lives away on this sxxt.


Ken:  The Florida "BAKER ACT" is very open to abuse by Police Officers who don't (by law) need to provide any proof whatsoever of detaining an individual at a mental health facility beyond their personal opinion and a brief statement in their report.

Police Officers suffer no recourse in any way if their judgment is incorrect in the detainment of someone who is not found to be in need of mental health assistance. Also, the law states that under the "Baker Act", a person who is detained is solely responsible for paying all medical bills related to that detainment, including ambulance transportation!  The following is my personal account of such abuse of the "Baker Act" by a local Florida Police Officer.

On October 8th, 2007 around 5 AM, my housemate and I heard a prowler lurking in the darkness and hitting the outside wall of our home. When we turned on an outside light and opened our back door, the prowler said, "We are going to get you!" in a low deep threatening voice, and then ran off.

We have a wood fence, so it was not possible to follow him in time to identify him. This event followed a number of weeks of organized harassment by some people in our community. Please Google "Organized Stalking" (also known as "Community Stalking" or "Cause Stalking") to better understand the types of harassments we have been encountering for some time now.

Anyway, I called 911; a local cop arrived and was very rude and uncooperative while taking our statement.  My housemate and I each wrote a written police statement about what happened with the prowler, and also the weeks of strange harassments we have been having.  The police officer kept insisting we saw nothing, as if he was trying to make a point that we should not have reported our harassment at all.

His actions seemed very threatening, and I felt that we were now being warned not to report what we saw, or else we may be in for trouble from the local police as well as our community stalkers.

Then, I started to have some chest pains due to the anxiety of a prowler making threats, as well as the rude treatment by the police officer.  Out of concern, I requested for paramedics to be called. The paramedics arrived and took me to the emergency room where I was held for over 9 hours. I saw a doctor for all of 5 min in that time in the ER, which seemed very odd.

Then around 10:00 PM I was told I was being transferred to another facility (but not told where exactly). I was put in an ambulance and taken to a mental health facility and told I was being held under the Florida "BAKER ACT".

In no way was I ever violent, a danger to harm others or myself. I never asked for, or was in need of mental health treatment. I have never had a history of mental health problems.

The doctor at the facility I was taken to told me I was "Baker Acted" because the police officer who responded to the 911 call said I was acting "psychotic" and "seeing things" that no one else had.  When I told the doctor that my housemate also saw the prowler event, he seemed truly shocked.  This was because there was no mention of my housemate's observations and written police report of the incident in the police record.

It is clear to me at this moment that this was all just more harassment tactics, now by the police to protect someone who was harassing us. I was released from the mental health facility when no cause could be found to hold me under the "Baker Act", and after my housemate arrived, insisting to speak with my doctor about why I was being held in the first place.

I was there for over 48 hours! We later found out when trying to obtain records of the events that the Police Officer had not filed my housemate's original written police statement with the police department. How convenient!  This is yet another example of how the "Baker Act" is a danger to civil liberties, and how the police seem to be involved with "Organized Stalking" groups.

Police departments need to be held accountable for their actions when they make wrongful accusations, and also responsible for the financial costs of wrongful detainment of people who are not found to truly need mental health assistance.



Eleanor White

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