No. 3 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

It is our hope that the process being initiated will bring together a nucleus of such compatibility as to be a cohesive cell, which shall mimic the bodily process of cell division. Within such a process, the spread would be quite amazing. Remember a babe begins with the combining of just 2 cells and becomes a being of trillions in a matter of 9 months. By the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law, this is entirely possible. Of course the nature of the babe is determined by the birthing combination. It is the characteristics of these that shall have a profound effect upon the end product. Do not worry. Ones that should not be included won’t be, but there are many that are appropriate. Just relax and allow the process to flow, which doesn’t mean that this phase is yet complete. Indeed it is just beginning. Just setting minds to considering such a possibility will not bring commitment. You are most important in the birthing. It is receptive hearts that are willing to begin the processes that are important. The character, openness to act beyond the confines of the present moment, the ability to make and keep commitments, the love of fellow man beyond themselves, the desire to rise above the trees to see the forest that are the critical components for these parents. Through this process the awakening of man into again the “family of man” is possible. The ability of man to transcend the present self made dilemma into a new concept of experience will bring about a change not only individually, but to all and a ripple effect will be felt throughout the Universe/Cosmos. I know that this seems like a big assignment to begin from just 2, but each new child is also a miracle. Its beginning is hardly auspicious. Just a mass of dividing cells with no apparent organization into a miniature babe. But, at a miraculous moment, the appliance in miniature is there. Inspiration shall begin the change within the focused group consciousness.

The project assignment is that each new cell continues to divide. How exactly is this going to work? The first meets with two. Then each meets again with two others, then each again meets again with two others until there are 7. (3 plus 2 equals 5 plus 2 equals 7.) 7. Now the originals at that point can again begin a new cycle or drop out. The more times each individual repeats the process, the more the growth cycle accelerates. Can you see how the original organization can grow quickly without bringing great danger to the project or to individuals? At this point it is only the dream that is being promulgated. Then the babe takes shape at the critical point of greater group awareness, then the plan changes and the organs, so to speak begin to take shape for the different functions necessary for the creation of the dream. Since the focus is on the creation of a new experience, armaments are not a part of the picture and less danger is present. The focus is not resistance because forward movement into change is not factored into the detection process as presently set up by the oppressors.

I shall leave you to consider what you have been told this far.


Benevolent Beings

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