No. 30 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

The focus of these messages has been toward the dissemination of information that concerns the expansion of your understanding with regard to plans and appropriate attitudes and actions within group areas. There has been little information with regard to your personal experiences and application in that area. This was not to indicate that this area is of little importance. New age information, better called new thought which could be categorized even more accurately as “remembered thought,” emphasizes the need to be balanced and chants “be in the now.” In actuality, that is correct! As previous pointed out, all of the cycles within the cosmos/galaxy move toward and away from the center point of stillness or perfect balance. In order for the galaxy to be in balance, the cycles are moving within a balance of those moving away and those returning to each balance point. You could picture it as gyroscopes spinning and moving around a central gyroscope that reminds in perfect balance and puts forth an energy pattern that holds all the smaller gyroscopes within its sphere of influence. Each gyroscope outside the central focus contains within it a myriad of smaller gyroscopes. In order for this entire system to continue in existence there must be an equality of energetic motion. If one gyroscope gets far enough out of balance to approach a point beyond its ability to return, then focus of holding it within the range of safety. This is, of course, an over simplified picture, but gives you some understanding. It allows you to picture Earth at its tilt of 23 degrees of approaching a point of losing its ability to return to balance.

If you consider that within the gyroscopic picture of Earth, there are 7+ billion tiny gyroscopes each spinning on their own axis, the balance of these influences the balance of the larger one. If most of these are out of balance, then of course the larger one cannot remain in balance. Grasping this picture leads you to the understanding that the 4th universal law is that of balance. One pattern of thought that holds powerful influence in the balance or imbalance of personal expression is that of past, present and future. Since all are necessary for various reasons of survival and progress, they are embedded within the ego observer mode. You remember the burn and so do not touch the stove again. You desire to build a large house for your family so you envision the steps your future must contain in order to attract that experience, and so you migrate between the two. However, there is the moment of now that you experience that is not either past or future. This is your balance point. It is your place of rest. You return there during each sleep cycle. There was a time your planet revolved in the cycle of light and darkness, all were active or resting in unison which brought greater balance to the whole. With the advent of artificial lighting, this balancing pattern is no longer present. Mankind now has constant activity first with the “industrial age” Now in the “technology age” even within the homes the hours of rest within a family are varied. A balancing technique Is practiced in what you call the Far East and is called meditation. The new age group quickly adopted it. Techniques are often distorted and the conscious awareness is overwhelmed with media clutter and unable to find the still point of balance within the combination of conscious and subconscious. Entering that still point allows for connection with the Soul and balance to be reached for at least a short time.

Balance is reached through the understanding and practice of the three basic laws of the universe: attraction, deliberate creation and allowance. If you review the previous messages, you will find within the information suggestions for resolving this problematic situation of the population of Earth. In order to live the new paradigm of experience those participating will be required to focus within present time. Only the framework will be known and it must be fleshed out through “living it into existence” experience by experience. This will require living within present moment reality. Within this focused group experience balance will be attained. The past cannot be applied and the future will be unknown. That will leave only the present. Let us consider the galactic cycle completion. Is it only a momentary instant that is available to accomplish a grand ascension or a ghastly dimensional crash? That depends. Again we return to your fixation of experiencing measured blocks of sequential events. Experience within what you call the present moment is a misnomer, an inapplicable designation. When you are focused into what your thinking or doing with no awareness of any other activity, you “lose track of time.” Each of you has experienced that. Only by looking at your time tracking device called a clock do you have any idea of what the time might be, other than the presence or absence of sunlight. If each of you were totally intrigued with what you were doing, that was your only required focus and there were no seasons to concern you, would you care what day it was? If that intriguing subject opened the door to another and another, would you care what day or time It was? I doubt it. If you were in balance, would sleep be necessary? What about food? What about recreational pursuits? Aren’t all of these necessities really just a search balance? This is not suggesting that you become breatharians. These are simply ideas to intrigue your imaginations. Your experiences are so far out of intended balance that it is difficult to imagine what balance during wakeful experience is like in 3rd dimensional format. It is far more pleasant than you know. No wonder you desire to leave this dimension thinking that respite is only to be found elsewhere. Without balancing of the 3rd dimensional experience you could not exist in higher dimensions in your body format and current self-awareness. First you must come into balance. Because you are all interconnected, individuals have insurmountable problems manning balance even if it is achieved. It is necessary to bring a large number into balance to accomplish what is necessary in the bigger picture.

The bible warns you not to place “pearls of wisdom” before those who have no viable connection to their source of life. It is time to strike that idea from the books. It is time to do another 180-degree turn and to do it in practical applicable terminology. The pattern has always been to hide it within religious and esoteric terminology so that only a few were privy to the information, lest it be lost through individual interpretations that might destroy it. Without written words, for few were literate, allegorical stories were the only method of dissemination even the basic understandings. These contained references to activities and other commonly known and understood references that were within that local cultural environment. Even these basic understandings became distorted when the stories were retold in cultural situations that had no reference points to those original understandings. We find ourselves of necessity reintroducing the basic. A good place to begin a new beginning, don’t you agree? Attraction, intention and allowance leading to balance through application within experience. A doctorate in those positively leads to ascension to higher dimensions. Welcome to the ascending team!


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