No. 6 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

The light begins to change its focus as the window changes in what might be considered depth, as layers of intentional activity will be added. The focus becomes more intense in the area on which it is aimed. Now this can be an advantage as it can bring the focus to a greater clarity. That the cloak of darkness appears to you to be getting more intense can have its positive aspects. The closing of the noose is not as unobserved by the masses as you might think. Intuitive feelings are becoming aroused. The critical mass of awareness is being aroused and the other side is well aware of this. Remember there is a weak link within their plan. They are going to demand that their army of militia turn on their own people, indeed their own friends and family. That is a key point on which there will be reactions that they cannot predict. This allows openings in their plan. They seem minor to you in your consideration, but these can be used to great advantage for sometimes a moment is all the focus of Light may need. Ours will not be a plan of resistance. It will be the lifting up of a vision into manifestation through the minds of many. When the picture of what has been carefully planned for them is repulsive enough to their imaginations, don’t you think that they will turn with enthusiasm to a vision that thrills them? Remember there will be those who will choose otherwise. There will be a division. There will be enough that have been either won over or will be lost in the desire of continuing to experience the menu which has been fed to them in the media barrage direct at them. This will be a point you will have to deal with, as will all that join in this plan for transcending the decayed into the new birthing opportunity. All will not choose to join, and here you must recognize the free choice of experience given to each. It is not so much hardening your heart toward them as an attitude of allowance. Remember there is no death. Only the end of an experience and eternity is incomprehensible. It is not for any of you to judge what the experiences of each individual means to the completion within each Soul. The Soul draws to itself a composite and makes of these experiences patterns that dazzle the imagination. The dance of duality, darkness and Light as you will, are part of the play.

You must not become disheartened at any time, for there will be those who will surprise you. It is for you to keep your eye on the vision and to watch it unfold into creation from your limited perspective. That too will be fascinating. How will you know? It will be difficult in the birthing phase, for in the beginning the process of a babe hardly looks like anything but a maze of diving cells, with no apparent organization. At the critical point, all that miraculously changes into a form. Then the challenge of preventing an abortion will become a dual focus. However, that too shall be handled. Remember this, as you begin to help yourselves, more and more co-operation from various forms of manifested Light can assist I ways you, and I, cannot imagine and may never be privy to know about. It is the focus on the vision that shall attract this assistance toward success.

We can continue to present this information to you, but there can also be discussion. Questions can be asked as long as they are pertinent to the process at this point. No diving allowed. Just focus on one stage at a time. As to what your continuing roles shall be as the plan unfolds will be revealed as each day arrives. There is no already existing vision except in a dim outline that is set up by the influence of the Universal Laws. At the time of filling in these outlines, those will be made known to the founding parents in very simplistic terms. KISS will be the “order of the day” for the entire project. How is that going to be possible within the contributions to the vision by many? Trust the process. The planet is experiencing on an entirely different level than it was when the founding fathers of the U.S. followed this same path. Note this time it is “founding parents,” and that in itself is a raising of the level of experience. Both energies shall be present and it shall make for a doubled energy focus. Though women knew the last time and supported as allowed, theirs was not a contributory role except as an outside influence. Neither shall dominate, for the vision must move beyond such selfishness and bring about a synergistic wholeness.

At this point, you must not concern yourselves with the manifestation of their plan. You know of it, you are expecting it and so it must be ignored. Your focus must be on the moment and what is to be done. If that which you do now puts you in danger, herbs you should begin laying plans for doing something different. Not yet in this moment, but soon. Perhaps this surface activity cycle is drawing to a close. It is only a suggestion to be considered, though you have already have toyed with it. We leave it to your discretion. Corporate business. Will be allowed for actives that do not make big waves. Opportunities shall appear for your consideration. Travel shall be safe for a time yet. If you miss a plane or a flight is canceled take it within your stride. There may be many reasons apparent in retrospect as to why you were not to be on a particular mode of transportation. When travel is no longer safe, you will know. The focus of your intent now is to work within the activities of the parenting process.


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