No. 38 - Handbook for the New Paradigm

There are many levels involved in the process of bringing forth the accelerated change in the consciousness of earth inhabitants/planetary awareness. The focus of the mass consciousness at the individual level is outward in contemplation of each ones environment. The deliberate teaching that the creator is a personality somewhere beyond the sky in the “heavens” making arbitrary judgements about which of the victim prayers deserves answering, is a picture of the structure inherent within the abhorrent plans being carried out all around you. It is constrictive in its focus, the opposite of expansive creation that maintains itself through an over-unity mode, meaning the flow brings forth an exponential increase of energy beyond what is focused into manifestation. This results through the verse movement of the self-contemplative focus, which is within the intentional manifestation or the action of the 2nd universal law. It can again be likened to there being two sides to a coin. Through the intention of creation/manifesting there is the result of the manifestation and then the contemplation or experiencing of this process which is the self, contemplating as it experiences. This involves the 5 senses, ego observation and the contemplative thought process. Ideally all this moves through the invidious life experience in a flow.

This is not to say that each individual would create positive experiences. However, if the process was understood at the subconscious level, then the effects of an inappropriately caused experience would be contemplated. Through the necessary adjustments of attitude and intention, a lesson would be “learned” and the overall experience pattern continued with little trauma, greater wisdom and gained further upliftment of the energy vibration. Through consideration of the ideal, it is easy to conclude that the planned reversal of this flow to create an opposite inclusive flow would end in something like your scientists theory of the black hole, absorbing all available energies into a compacted mass. Why then have these planners not figured out the greater picture of the inevitable end of their endeavor? The enthroned ego with an addiction to power and control is seldom able to perceive logically. You perceive this type of distortion as insanity because of an individuals inability to follow the logical norm of the societal group. Sometimes it is because the creative thought process is far beyond this societal norma and sometimes it is ruled by distorted ability to perceive. This is both genetic and learned behavior though controlled indoctrination interchanged between the present germination and those following. The particular group holding our interest promotes longevity and positively belies in reincarnation. Each of the hierarchy are programmed at birth though magical methods that they are reincarnation through a long line of predecessors all committed to this project. Each generation is then perceived as being further empowered than the last. In this way, their project has continued on for what you experience as eons of time toward this important pivotal point.

This project, which deviates so far from the acceptable norm, has come into form through the use of the first two laws of the universe, attraction and focused intention. However, it is not possible for them move out of the flow of expansive energy in a relaxed mode. The law of allowance is ignored. The only way for balance to be maintained is through rigid control of all aspects by planning and executing every detail to dovetail within their overall plan. Deviations are detected as quickly as possible and all haste is taken to remedy the situation by any means possible in the belief that the end justifies the means. This overview of the pattern of their plan does not indicate that it is any less formidable. Earth and its inhabitants are firmly within the grip of its influence and the situation must be intentionally resolved. It is beyond the point that containment would be appropriate while the inhabitants figured their role out. The control being exerted outweighs the possibility of this taking place without focused assistance. The focused assistance is manifesting, into the heart of their game, in the form of Project New Paradigm with its multifaceted application of all four laws. You must contemplate the inside-out process concurrent with the outside-in process through the nuances of previously explained facets of creative flow to arrive at a picture of the game board. You will then be able to choose intelligently to join the play or not.

The play will be interesting to follow. One focus of play will be planning and examining every move. The other, relaxed allowing in calm game moves each flowing into the next in an expansive mode. The adversary considers that each play represents a shift necessary before another play can be conceptualized and focused into manifestation within the application supplied by the use of two universal laws as a self-governing factor. The balance as perceived by only two laws, using the third in an opposite mode makes the fourth impossible to attain. In other words, within our analogy, they are playing with only half a deck. Quite appropriate!

There have been frequent uses of analogies within these messages. Each illustrates the understanding of two areas, the reintroduction of the universal laws and an overview of the game strategies in simple terms. We have attempted to add dimension to those understanding within succeeding messages. As you assemble these bits of information into blocks of understanding, you enhance your confidence in your day to day experience as you attract opportunities to participate. This releases the need to react toward the programmed individuals caught up in the negative focus and brings allowance into your experience. You know how the game is being played and now perceive that you have the choice to participate intelligently resulting in a new sense of balance through purpose. Through returning to a familiar expansive expression, your sense of well being becomes magnetic and radiant. You are beginning the transcendent process.

The creative process takes advantage of every opportunity to continue its expansive mode. Your heart welcomes this wondrous opportunity and adds the dimension of emotion to the thinking level bringing forth outward dimensional expansion. This is how it works!


Benevolent Beings

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